Monday, April 14, 2008

Diva's Sorta Senate Bean soup lunch

Diva's requested Sorta Senate Bean soup lunch. Every once in a while I am surprised by what she requests. I guess because while I liked the bean soup I am unsure three meals in a week with it would fly with me... Her lunch was packed in a Laptop Lunch container. I don't use it often especially for Diva, it holds way too much food for a three year old. I had to throw chips in there for a filler to keep everything from moving around, hopefully she won't eat them, the last time I packed chips she didn't eat them either. Which was odd to me I thought she liked chips. There is also some cornbread, sliced tomatoes with balsamic and olive oil and some Clementine segments.
I placed press and seal over the tomatoes and covered up the soup so the lunch wouldn't be a mess once she got to it.

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