Friday, October 5, 2007

Welcome to give peas a chance!

So I needed some organization, my other blog was cluttered and there were posts about food, kids all sorts of tings jumbled into one. I decided to start give peas a chance and blog most of my food blogs here. So anything cooking related, bento lunches/meals etc. will be posted here, along with other craftiness stuff. I am getting to work right away and putting meal blogs here, cutting and pasting so I can clear up the other page. Why "give peas a chance?" Because as the mother of two young girls I strive to broaden their palettes and help them to choose healthy alternatives to the junk food that's out there. That doesn't mean they are deprived, on the contrary they get more variety and the occasional sugary foods also. I hope to teach them portion control with the use of bento boxes and that moderation is a good thing. Diva, my oldest is three, she has a huge imagination, smart as a whip, has a memory like a steel trap and will eat just about anything... except raw mushrooms. My 15 month old Piglet is my lovebug, she's the happiest, most affectionate and loving I have come across. Neither of my girls are picky eaters and I am so grateful, I hope to keep it that way. I am married to a wonderful man who is loving and supportive. I occasionally pack DH's lunch but for the most part "cutesy" bento's are not his thing. Al in all I am very very blessed and I know it. God is good...
Happy reading & happy eating! I hope give peas a chance inspires you to try something new!
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