Friday, October 5, 2007

New Box!!! 10-01-2007 Bun Bao lunch for Diva

I came across this box at Cost Plus world market of all places! It's so cute. It's a great size for Diva, maybe a TINY bit big if you go by actual weight and height when packing bentos but, oh well. Incidentally there is a guide to choosing the right size bento and it can be found here at Lunch in a Box.
In Diva’s lunch today was half a Bao dumpling, I bought a pack at the Thai market on Sunday they looked so good and were fresh. Some raisins (shudder- see the note at the bottom about raisins), slices of orange, Pocky, broccoli florets, grape tomatoes, and carrot flowers- which took very little time to cut surprisingly. I packed it all the night before and asked Diva’s teacher to warm the Bao for 30 seconds on a plate I packed with her lunch. Diva ate everything but the Bao so I warmed it for her and she ate it when we got home. Piglet and I had the same thing for lunch.
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