Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Do the lunches get messed up by lunch time?

I am often asked if the lunches I pack stay as "nice and neat" once they have traveled from our home to school or work. The answer is yes, if I pack them carefully! I was able to close this container and give it a good shake to show DH also. This is his lunch for tomorrow; both the girls are home with me so I didn't pack them anything. It's a roasted pork loin sandwich with Muenster on homemade foccacia (there is wax paper around it to keep it from getting too much moisture from the other foods). When DH is home, he has horseradish and tomatoes etc in his sandwiches, but the thought of soggy bread makes me green so I skip that stuff when I pack lunches. Unless someone specifically asks for that stuff and the only person known to ask is Diva (hence her name). Under the pistachio nuts is a container of Jane's Krazy salt, which is what DH prefers on his salads. There are baby carrots under the apple slices, to keep the apple from turning brown I rubbed the cut ends with lemon. Below is a picture of the box closed, none of the food shifted when I shook.
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